Post-It Notes can be cool!

My first memory of a Post-It note was back in the mid nineties when my arch nemesis Economics teach Mr.Effer would religiously markup his pages using these brightly luminous 3×3 inch paper notes in books titled “The elasticity of scale and the shape of average costs“.

It’s probably the reason why I never been a regular Post-It note user, mentally scarred by my then small bearded professor who once chased me down the corridors of my high school because I (and some friends) stupidly emptied the soil from his plant pots into his desk drawers, bag and I think a spare pair of shoes minutes before an important exam.

Why the hell am I writing about Post-It notes?

Ok, I remembered, it all came about a few days ago while travelling in Hanoi, Vietnam.  I need my caffeine fix to start the day well and found the Note Cafe. I was drawn in by the the open window where you could see hundreds of Post-It notes plastered over every conceivable space.

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The weather was muggy and the clouds were about to unleash a wet hell on Hanoi so it was an easy decision to come inside.  The stairs are narrow reminiscent of a dutch cafe, you need baby size feet to stop from tripping and breaking your neck!  The first floor ceiling is a little low for my liking (no Heightism intended!) but the second floor is a perfect space for chilling out.

The concept of the cafe is simple, you can if you like pick a blank Post-It note and leave a message, whatever you feel like and then find a space in the cafe to place it.

There are thousands of Post-It’s so to begin with I only saw sweet sickly messages like “Smile, it looks good on you” but when my eyes focused beyond the cheesy stuff I started to read some funny, personal, political views that I wanted to share with you.

Let’s start with the personal messages:

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Then there are the hopeful:

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Of course the “Keep calm and..” people need their say:

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There were some celebrating for different reasons:


Another looking for acceptance:


Animal rights are represented:


Of course it wouldn’t be 2016 without the hamsterhead being mentioned:


And then there was the weird and creepy:

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If you were wondering if I wrote my own note, yes, I left a few.  However you are going to have to visit the cafe to see them!

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You can find this lovely cafe here:

This is my first post about my experiences in Vietnam.  It’s a country full of charm and wonderful places to visit.  To see my photos of Vietnam you can find me on Instagram.

Look forward to hearing from you whether it be Post-It Note related or your love for your favourite cafe.

Keep exploring.





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