Dogs are us

Some of us have a very strong connection to dogs and I would go as far as saying some people can become quite obsessed about their dogs.

The domesticated dog can be traced as far back as 14,000 years ago by historians.  We can read about the early pastoralists that kept dogs to help with herding livestock to ancient kings and queens who doted on their dogs to the point that some would eventually be buried with their four legged companions.

My own memories of canine love date back to time spent with a loveable Irish hound that towered above me as a four year old that I would play with in the local pub that my Dad used to work in.  I think that there is something very powerful in the early memories we had in our childhood and I have always felt something warm for the majority of dogs I have ever met since then.

I am currently studying professional photography over at the London Institute of Photography and as part of my street photography module I came up with the idea of capturing the dogs and their owners to see if there was any truth in the idea that we look like the dogs we have chosen to live our lives with.  The project was pretty fluid and I only had a few hours to shoot this.  So with my trusted Fuji X100s I travelled to Victoria Park in Hackney, East London.  I’ve been there many times before and it’s always been a very dog friendly park.
















I really loved meeting all the different owners and their gorgeous dogs.   The majority of owners received their own photo/s as well.


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